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My divorce wasn’t final until mid-1995, but my ex-husband left in ’94. In my daughter’s mind, we “divorced” when she was three. She and I have both recalled the timeline inaccurately on occasion. The dismemberment of Wendy Davis’ biography is just more of the same in her detractors’ desperation to discredit her with shameful and demeaning name-calling. To my knowledge, she never discussed the details of the financing of her education. That slice of red meat is nothing but a red herring. If Davis were a man, not a single eyebrow would rise over the news that the children were primarily cared for by their mother, who also worked to subsidize his education. In fact, if a man had stayed at home as the primary caretaker of the children, it’s unlikely he’d be a candidate. Issues aside, I don’t care for this crowd’s core beliefs about women.